Panda Riot

dreampop from chicago

Panda Riot @ Cole’s Friday, Oct 17th

We’ll have some new T shirt designs soon! Just playing around with the colors.

Mid practice break

Open my door and see this…

Secret 1960’s era preamp

Mixer: Baden Powell de Aquino, Listener, and Panda Riot


Panda Riot - “Black Pyramids”

Perfect place to find your fix of shoegaze or dreampop. Panda Riot is hazy, loud, sincere, and mellow all at the same time. Lovers of My Bloody Valentine and Ride should hop right on and enjoy the drive. Also, this video was recorded on a Fisher Price PXL 2000. Google that for some real 80s nostalgia. The final product feels like a memory, maintaining a ghostly look that fits seamlessly with the sound.

The super talented folks of the visual effects team Scratch/ Post (Iceland) just put out their 2014 show reel and it features our track “in the forest” go check it out, its seriously killer!

Losing my mind on this new song. Be right back…

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